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R96 CoverRIENCD96
Detroit-born, Hamburg-based troubadour and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Kahn and New Yorker master fiddler Jake Shulman-Ment have been playing and traveling together for nearly twenty years. Having worked in so many bands and projects (including The Painted Bird and Brothers Nazaroff), they have finally joined up to record an true analog duo record: The Building & Other Songs. It is, as Kahn says, "the most personal and intimate selection of songs I've ever recorded. And with Jake, it was like recording it with a brother."

In the 35 years of their career, KROKE have always preserved their irrepressible desire to make music. Their new album LOUD SILENCE proves it: familiar sounds, new things flow in, meditative alternates with dance-like, all held together by the fascinating ability of these three musicians to find and invent melodies and to inspire each other again and again to improvisational flights of fancy.

R94 Cover1400 300RIENCD94
Word Beggar is the first album that Daniel recorded completely by himself. Musically it moves between folk, jazz and klezmer. It consists of adaptations and settings of songs and texts by Georges Brassens, Kadye Molodovsky, Mordechai Gebirtig, Kurt Tucholsky, Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman and Aaron Zeitlin. Among them are his Yiddish versions of Bob Dylan songs and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

After the film music for "Cabaret of Death" (RIENCD85, 2015), Kroke have turned to the stage with a new project. Kroke's ability to express moods and feelings in her music serves not only as a foil for a dramatic event, but as reinforcement, compression and interpretation.


On his new album BULAT BLUES Daniel Kahn devotes himself to the "Georges Brassens of the Soviet Union", Bulat Okudzhava, in new, own adaptations in English and a touch of Russian. Daniel Kahn is accompanied by the virtuoso Moscow musician Vanya Zhuk on the Russian 7-string guitar.

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Daniel Kahn and The Painted Bird live up for their name as "radical Yiddish borderland bandistas with punk attitude” with their new album The Butcher's Share, the first in five long years. It is the most powerful and complex work of the band so far and is dedicated to the great political and personal themes of our time. Kahn's revolutionary songs for the Apocalypse are like a declaration of war to the present.


Born as Lew Abramovich Nussimbaum in 1905 and grewing up in Baku, Essad Bey was an Azerbaijani patriot, a dreamed oil prince, a Russian Jew who had fled from the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, a Muslim convert, a Mussolini fan and a German star author.


KROKE have not to re-invent theirselves, but they define their music with every new album in a different way. What remains invariable is their basic understanding of music: virtuosity and passion, pleasure and deep emotion. 

A Compendium of Klezmer-Punk Strategies Against Despairpdsk bestenliste 117px transparent

Singer/songwriter/accordionist/novelist Geoff Berner’s music combines klezmer (for the uninitiated, the folk music of Eastern European Jews), punk, political satire and Balkan dance rhythms. He writes sharp, literate songs that can make you want to weep, laugh, grind your teeth, or kick out a window. Often all at the same time.


Čači Vorba’s new album ŠATRIKA proves their quality as highly distinguished musicians in Gypsy and Balkan music. The group serves a virtuoso fusion of Ethnic music, Roma swing, Romanian blues, Balkan pop and Mediterranean timbre, performed on traditional instruments and doing without electronic support.


Two men, two languages, some books, microphones. A fiddle, a guitar, an accordion, and, of course, some beautifully crafted banduras and flutes. Two musical traditions from an old world, Yiddish and Ukrainian.


"Cabaret of Death" is an unusual Kroke-CD, result of a cooperation with Polish director Andrzej Celiński and his film project. He asked KROKE to compose, arrange and record the film score. Nevertheless, it’s not a soundtrack CD.

rien84RIENCD84pdsk bestenliste 117px transparent

Would there be a colour attached to each album, this one's would be dark grey with little light grey sprinkles in it. And probably a tiny red one, like the painted Bird on the cover.

"Bad Old Songs", Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird's new album is a dark and more intimate follow-up to their award-winning "Lost Causes" (2011, Oriente Musik).


Even if Tango was born in Argentina, Yiddish is its second language. We prove, once again.
Considering the surprising success of “Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts” (Oriente RIENCD59), our first attempt to fill in the blank of Tango sung in Yiddish, it was a logical consequence (and a pleasure, too) to ask Karsten Troyke for another volume of the “Tango oyf Yiddish” series.


TAJNO BIAV ("Secret Marriage") is the name of the second release of the Polish-Ukrainian group Čači Vorba. And it does sound like a secret gypsy wedding – cheerful dance music, melancholic love songs and wistful a cappella ballads, arranged in a virtuoso manner and presented on the highest musical level.


Welcome to old Istanbul! The fourth release of the successfull series „Old World Tangos“ by Oriente Musik deals with the golden era of Turkish tango. Recorded between 1927 and 1953 the tracks on this release will take you to the first decades of the Turkish Republic and introduce to you the Tango composers and singers of that time. Their tango was partly imported by translating the lyrics into Turkish and partly reinvented by mixing it with traditional Turkish music. Artists like Fehmi Ege, Celal İnce, Seyyan Hanım and İbrahim Özgür make this release an adventure of the gramophone era in Turkey. Find out about the unique path that the Turks forged in the history of world tango with the original recordings on „Istanbul Tango 1927-1953“.



Sanda Weigl, born and raised in Rumania, by now living in New York, made her mark with unique interpretations of Rumaneian Folk and Gypsy songs, hovering between tradition, jazz and improvisation, being by turn enigmatic, sad, merry or wistful. Sanda’s unmistakably powerful voice is her trademark and resonates throughout every one of the melodies on this album.


Violinist Jake Shulman-Ment is among the leaders of a new emerging generation of klezmer and Eastern European folk music performers. In “A Redele”, his debut solo album, Shulman-Ment displays a remarkable versatility as violinist, composer, improvisor, arranger, bandleader, and producer, while consistently remaining true to his deep roots in traditional Jewish music.


Emma Goldman once said, “If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution.”

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird's new album, “Lost Causes”, insists that we can do both.


Bucharest, Berlin, New York: The life of Sanda Weigl is a mirror of recent European history...

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Čači Vorba (pronounced Chachee Vorba) - "true speech" - is a term used by gypsies from the Romanian/Hungarian/Serbian borderland to describe music, as they believe that music is the most honest, true language. Čači Vorba is the name of a Polish-Ukrainian band specialising in the impulsive mixture of Gypsy, Carpathian and Balkan music.

Kroke: Out of SightRIENCD74

Eminently charming and playful appear Kroke's new compositions, recorded with the original Trio setup. Back to the roots? Certainly, in a way. The waiver of the drums means a reinforcement of viola, accordion and bass. Coming to the fore (again), equally entitled and responsible for both melody and rhythm.


A Detroit area native, Daniel Kahn attended the University of Michigan where he studied acting, directing, playwriting and poetry.


The audience of Anna Saeki's concerts will remember - they appreciated very much the "breaking up" of her Tango and Milonga program with some songs from South East Asia.


A Detroit area native, Daniel Kahn attended the University of Michigan where he studied acting, directing, playwriting and poetry. After finishing his studies he lived, played music, recorded, acted, directed plays and composed theatre music in New Orleans, Detroit, New York and Ann Arbor.


Carpathian Klezmer
Di Naye Kapelye goes 50ies-socialism? Well, this isn’t positively a CD featuring the uprising towards a communist society.


Nuevas canciones de Buenos Aires

The music of 6 Australes has its roots in the Río de la Plata region, but emerged in Berlin; composed and performed by Argentinean and German musicians, brought together by the Tango.


13 alte Lieder aus Deutschland

Songs of love and bygone ages

Tine Kindermann sings German folk songs accompanied by American rock musicians and arranged by Frank London, best known for combining klezmer and jazz. The result is astonishingly natural.

A Tango story from the land of the rising sun

Anna Saeki: Tango lásico y modernoRIENCD66


The singer ANNA SAEKI comes from Japan, more precisely, from the island of Hokkaido, in the cold north of Japan. Her artistic, creative talent was noticed very early.

CD Klezmer Alliance: Mir BasaraberRIENCD65

HOT, FIERY and PASSIONATE - Klezmer Alliance finally on CD!

Klezmer Alliance stands for dance grooves that make your feet tingling just as for inventive and gorgeous Yiddish songs that gladden your heart, performed by a passionate and experienced ensemble.

CD The Polina Shepherd Vocal ExperienceRIENCD64

feat. Quartet Ashkenazim

Singer and pianist Polina Shepherd, of russian-jewish descent, lives and works in Brighton/UK with her husband Merlin Shepherd. They both are among the most innovative musicians in the Jewish Music scene - be it New Yiddish Song or Classic Klezmer.

Konsonans Retro: A Podolian AffairRIENCD62

In the Southeast of Podolia, just a few minutes from the Moldavian border, you'll find the Zagnitkiv village, home of the Baranovskys, a family of musicians. For generations, a musical treasure has been passed on here, a treasure, which reflects the ethnic fusion of the region: Ukrainians played with Moldovans, with Jews, with Gypsies and Russians.

CD KROKE: Seventh TripRIENCD63

The seven album itch - what's valid for married life, isn't necessarily valid for music. Kroke didn't get lost in the dark grounds of a midlife crisis, and their seventh album is more than an itch of desire.


Since years both EDYTA GEPPERT and KROKE are constituents of the Polish music scene.
But whereas Kroke are well known outside Poland meanwhile, Edyta is a "sleeper" beyond the Polish border, only known to specialists. So it's high time for a change, and it's ORIENTE MUSIK to give it a trial.


The ORIENTE World Music Sampler 2006


After years of waiting for a Yiddish Tango recording we did it ourselves - both proud and lucky to find an extraordinary singer, profound expert and indefatigable promoter of Yiddish language and culture in our home town Berlin.


So much is spoken of what touches the Heart, The Soul, the Mind. So much is spoken of the Word. And yet so much experience is from a different place, the place of the viscera, the kishkes. Hence, here they are: Tales From the Kishkes.


In Berlin (1996) seven musicians from the different worlds ("dos mundos") of Latin America and Europe and all from completely different backgrounds joined forces.


For some time, the name of Peter Ludwig stands for outstanding interpretations and compositions in the field of Tango music. 3 previous CDs released by ORIENTE Musik (Trio Obscur: "éclairage intime", RIENCD32, and "Tango Metropol", RIENCD46; Tango Immortale: "Lisboa", RIENCD49) are the convincing proof. Moreover, he gained a name for his work as a composer and arranger of stage and screen music. His new CD is probably his most private work and gives evidence of the relation between a great solo performer and his instrument.


I think that this kind of a CD would not come into being with my participation if I did not happen to have a home and a sort of childhood which still occupies my memory.


Gloomy Sunday
In February 1936 in Budapest, when a man who had committed suicide left behind a farewell letter citing the lyrics of a 3 year old, then little known Hungarian song, a legend was born. And it's certainly no coincidence that one year before another legend had embraced the same song, given it Russian lyrics and recorded it - Pjotr Leschenko, the charismatic singer of tangos and gypsy romances, then well on his way to conquering the whole of Europe from his exile in Bucharest.


About my music
There is so much behind music - pain, sorrow and loneliness along with love, hope, excitement and happiness. All these pieces of life are hidden somewhere between the notes. In the dictionary it says: "Music: the art of arranging sounds in time." Well, the dictionary can be so dry …


Sephardic Women's Songs of the Balkans

Ziara - Pilgrimage
The title song of this album describes a "ZIARA" (pilgrimage) to Jerusalem.
Since the first expulsion of Jews from Israel, Jews always prayed and longed to return to Jerusalem, the city of God. Since then the Jews have experienced several other expulsions.


- a mandolin tribute to Erik Satie -



ORIENTE World Music Sampler 2004



Over 40 years ago, in the last century, the piano came into the house. Into my room. It did not take long for me to find the chord that sounded the way I felt, and which was not too far to stretch my little hands. C minor.


The two KROKE concerts at Radio Kraków Studio on October 9th and 10th, 2003, have been something special.


At the time, we wanted to record four pieces for a theatre production in Paris. So we met one more time for fun, had a rehearsal and played in front of a few friends.


"Ten pieces to save the world" - what the hell make three musicians from Cracow and their record company believe that they will save the world with their music?


Contemporary traditions from Naples
Those who know more about him, whose memories still reverberate from the echoes of a certain Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, the group which Roberto De Simone and a handful of young, enthusiastic musicians founded in 1967, will have been waiting for the first new album containing works of De Simone since 1978 with anticipation.


This CD pays homage to the rain forest in Ecuador and to the people who live there, on the banks of the rivers Cayapas and Santiago, the "great waters" that carry the strange produce of the forest to the Pacific Ocean - thousands and thousands of timber logs of various precious woods.


MARIA TANASE - the Magic Bird
All the songs on this CD were cut between 1936 and 1939, mostly in the summer and autumn of 1939.
The first studio recordings by the Lifa Company were mainly composed of folk-songs which until that moment Maria Tanase, standing on the threshold of a great career at that time, had only sung in the company of her closest friends.


The second CD in our Old World Tangos series focuses on the "Romanic" countries of Italy, France, and Romania - with a Greek encore.


The duo known as PURO APRONTE was born in the summer of 1997 from the idea of realising the diversity and intensity of a tango orchestra with just four hands.


Interpreta a Astor Piazzolla

The Rio de la Plata, the widest river in the world, the pride of the Porteños, the citizens of Buenos Aires. 180 kilometres of water relentlessly separating Buenos Aires and Montevideo, two cities that could have been one on the banks of a "normal" river. Indeed, there are no other Latin American capital cities that are so similar in history, culture and atmosphere as these parents of the tango that have fallen out.


Old Time Klezmer from East Europe

This recording developed over a period of several years, during which we have continued scrambling around east Europe looking for contexts and traces of Jewish music, a good half century after the Holocaust nearly destroyed Europe's Jewish population and culture. The key word here is nearly. ...


The dances of Dionysus
Theseus killed the Minotaur in the labyrinth in Crete. With the help of a string laid out by Ariadne in advance, he was able to escape form the maize which had been built by King Minos. The wise men tell us that the labyrinth was not only a prison for the monster but also a centre for dance, and of initiation rites of the Dionysian cult: Dionysus, God of wine and fertility, God of trance and hallucination, God of ecstasy and obsession.


The Nightingale of the Mulberry Garden


Double CD, Vol. 1 & 2

"For eleven years I worked with the Osvaldo's orchestra, my life was one with his and his style was a like a second skin - a skin that, like Color Tango, will always be a part of me..."
Roberto Álvarez


All it takes is a piano, a saxophone, and a double bass. What you get is amazing:


A Brief History:
The Chicago Klezmer Ensemble began forming in 1983 and gave its first performances under that name in the Spring of 1984...


"Sounds of the Vanishing world" is the name of Kroke's new CD. This may sound like a manifesto aimed at saving things of value, because yes, in a world of unlimited communication and millennium hysteria, Kroke do want us to think about things that are really important in life: "Earth" "Water" "Fire" or "Love", for example, to mention titles on this CD.


The Bel Ami of Turkish Tango

"My inner life is in no way like my professional life. However modern my professional life may be, my inner life is very conservative. Presumably this is to do with my up bringing." (Ibrahim Özgür)


He who betrays love shall be punished by God ...
At her début on Bucharest Radio in February 1938, Maria Tanase sang CINE IUBESTE SI LASE (La Malédection d'amour), a curse on all who "betray love". This moment, over sixty years ago, marked the beginning of Maria Tanase's career


Compilation of historical "OLD WORLD TANGOS"


Kroke was founded by three graduates of Krakow's school of music in 1992. Playing in jazz clubs and folk festivals Jerzy Bawol, Tomasz Kuburba and Tomasz Lato have gained a reputation as avante garde Klezmer musicians.


Yiddish culture in east Europe today is but a dim shadow of its history and legacy, but it is not dead. Jewish communities exist - in diminished numbers - and Jewish life continues, not the least in the memories of an older generation who remember a world which spoke Yiddish. Di Naye Kapelye means "The New Band" in Yiddish.


My name is Hugo Aisemberg. I was born in Buenos Aires sixty years ago....




Notes from a Musical Journey

Active since 1984, the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble is one of the oldest of the klezmer music groups in America. The present recording is the product of thirteen years of performance, experimentation and new composition, which, as Michal Shapiro writes, "draw out and amplify the unique characteristics from the core of the klezmer repertoire".


Kroke was founded by three graduates of Krakow's school of music in 1992. Playing in jazz clubs and folk festivals Jerzy Bawol, Tomasz Kuburba and Tomasz Lato have gained a reputation as avantegarde Klezmer musicians.

Novi Tango 6: Evasion RIENCD08

interpreta Astor Piazzolla

If it’s really true that Piazzolla always felt drawn towards chamber music (especially in his last years - come to think of his cooperation with the "Quartetto di Mantova" and, first of all, the "Kronos Quartet"), we think he would really be very delighted about our way of transforming his music into chamber music.

José Colángelo: Duende Y Misterio RIENCD07

Tangos y Milongas de Buenos Aires.

José Leonardo Colángelo, born in Buenos Aires, "bien porteño", started his piano studies as a child and worked as a professional piano player from the age of 16 on.

Pjotr Leschenko: 1935RIENCD06

Tangos, Foxtrots & Romances

Paul Vernon in "folk roots" about this CD:

Pjotr Leschenko's story is complex and tragically fascinating. Russian by birth, he achieved immense popularity in the 1930s and was known as "The Russian King Of The Tango".

Kroke: TrioRIENCD04

The Yiddish word KROKE means "Cracow". The group Kroke is strongly linked to Kazimierz, a Jewish settlement that had been an autonomous Jewish town up to the 19th century and then became the Jewish neighbourhood of Cracow.

Trio NoviTango: Retrato De Astor PiazzollaRIENCD02

Laura Escalada Piazzolla, the late composer's wife commented: "I listened to the Trio NoviTango's interpretations of my husband's music with deep interest and great expectations. I was not only surprised, but deeply satisfied with the wonderful arrangements that stay true to his unique style.

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