Born as Lew Abramovich Nussimbaum in 1905 and grewing up in Baku, Essad Bey was an Azerbaijani patriot, a dreamed oil prince, a Russian Jew who had fled from the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, a Muslim convert, a Mussolini fan and a German star author.

In the footsteps of this mysterious and legendary figure the "Disorientalists" Yuriy Gurzhy, Daniel Kahn and Marina Frenk rock through the abysses of a bizarre life. A biographical revue, produced for and played in the studioЯ of the Gorki Theater Berlin, now finally on CD.



1. Who Was Essad Bey? (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 2:08

2. Die Drittellösung (Frenk) 2:46
3. Joseph (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 2:04
4. Der Bolschewismus trägt die Fratze als Gesicht (Frenk) 3:10
5. Reborn In Displacement (Kahn) 2:24
6. Konstantinopel (Frenk) 2:55
7. The Streets Of Charlottengrad (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 3:07
8. Links-Rechts-Schwäche (Frenk) 3:27 9. Oy Vey / Ой Вей (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 1:50
10. Ostbahnhof (Kahn) 3:27
11. Prince Of The Orient (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 3:23
12. Who Was Kurban Said? (Kahn) 3:53
13. Ali and Nino (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 2:47
14. Kiss In Tiflis (Gurzhy) 2:06
15. Fascho-Lövchen (Frenk) 2:44
16. Alilushka (Gurzhy - Gurzhy/Kahn) 2:42
17. Die In Positano (Gurzhy) 2:52
18. Who Was Essad Bey, REPRISE 2:11

Total Time: 50:04


The Disorientalists:
Yuriy Gurzhy: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass
Marina Frenk: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Daniel Kahn: Vocals, Accordion, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano, Baglamas, Tzouras, Ukulele, Bird Whistle

Produced, engineered and mixed by Thomas Stern
Recorded at “Sternstaub” studios 2015 & 2016-12-19
Originally produced at Maxim Gorki Theater’s Studio Я

Release date: December 15th, 2016


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