In the 35 years of their career, KROKE have always preserved their irrepressible desire to make music. Their new album LOUD SILENCE proves it: familiar sounds, new things flow in, meditative alternates with dance-like, all held together by the fascinating ability of these three musicians to find and invent melodies and to inspire each other again and again to improvisational flights of fancy.

Virtuosity is at the service of the common cause: to take the listeners along on the musical journey of a living entity called KROKE. A journey on which we find a lot along the way: Polish reels, Celtic rembetiko, melodious avant-garde, oriental klezmer, meditative bebop; but nothing is a quotation, borrowing or fashionable embellishment, everything is organically interwoven and ultimately only one thing: overwhelming music.

Also available on Vinyl


1. Tango Eklekto   5:25
2. Magic Day   16:25
3. Dew Drops   4:49

4. Early Bird   3:39

5. Four Faces   5:12

6. Ayah   7:07
7. Little Something   5:43
8. Loud Silence   6:17

total time: 55:18

All music written by:
Tomasz Kukurba/Jerzy Bawoł/Tomasz Lato/Dariusz Grela

Tomasz Kukurba - viola, violin, vocals, flutes, percussion
Jerzy Bawoł – accordion
Tomasz Lato – double bass

Produced by Kroke and Dariusz Grela

© 2022 Oriente Musik
All tracks published by Oriente Musik (GEMA)

Released Oct 7th, 2022

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