Čači Vorba’s new album ŠATRIKA proves their quality as highly distinguished musicians in Gypsy and Balkan music. The group serves a virtuoso fusion of Ethnic music, Roma swing, Romanian blues, Balkan pop and Mediterranean timbre, performed on traditional instruments and doing without electronic support.

Maria Natanson’s warm, focused voice, her natural ease in singing in many languages, and the transparent, varied musical arrangements are what make this music so unique.

Natanson shows again her capability of bringing emotions into the music, wonderfully backed by her fellow musicians. You will hear them playing measured and furious, traditional and modern at the same time but always perfectly in balance. Another greatly produced and performed album, another evidence of a remarkable musical advance.

1. Neică, tot gândind la tine (Trad. - arr. Natanson, Sójka/Trad.) 3:27
2. Trecut o-doru codru (Trad. - arr. Majczyna/Trad.) 4:24
3. Yasemi mou (Trad. - arr. Majczyna, Natanson/Trad.) 4:31
4. Mehandzija (Trad. - arr. Majczyna, Sójka/Trad.) 5:26
5. Kopanista (Gountanos) 2:30
6. Boli me moja praznina (Ramadanović/Ramadanović) 3:41
7. Sunoro (Majczyna) 3:09
8. Pre stepo zamardo (Trad. - arr. Natanson/Wajs) 7:04
9. Amaro kheliben (Majczyna, Natanson/Natanson) 5:15
10. Yatrika (Majczyna) 5:59

Total Time: 45:26



Maria Natanson – vocal, violin, kabak kemane
Rafał Gontarski – accordion, backing vocals
Piotr Majczyna – bouzouki, mandola, guitar, backing vocals
Robert Brzozowski – double-bass, backing vocals
Sebastian Szebesta – percussion instruments, backing vocals

Bart Pałyga – sarangi, kemanche, rebab, throat singing


Produced by: Piotr Majczyna, Maria Natanson

Recorded by Wojcek Czern, in Rogalów Analogowy, during several recording sessions between July 2014 and January 2015.

Mixed by: Wojcek Czern

Mastered by: Bogdan Żywek, Piotr Nykiel

Executive producer: Till Schumann

C+P 2015 Oriente Musik


Release date: October 16th, 2015

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