"Cabaret of Death" is an unusual Kroke-CD, result of a cooperation with Polish director Andrzej Celiński and his film project. He asked KROKE to compose, arrange and record the film score. Nevertheless, it’s not a soundtrack CD.

Kroke reworked and rearranged the music, added new pieces and recorded the entire stuff new. So we have a discrete creation which is connected to the film, but also reflects KROKE’s very own examination of the topic.
CABARET OF DEATH (Kabaret śmierci) is a documentary feature film about the protagonists of entertainment culture in Nazi concentration camps. Directed by Andrzej Celiński and produced by Adam Kwieciński, Poland 2012-2014.

1. A Monument 3:16
2. Play for Life 4:59
3. Ghosts 3:38
4. Celluloid 0:19
5. Buchenwald Hope 8:10
6. Voice 1:13
7. The Train 3:43
8. Theresienstadt Theme 1:34
9. Moving Pictures 2:58
10. Die Moritat von Mackie Messer 1:57
11. Rubinstein’s Coin 4:29
12. The Ramp 0:47
13. Silence 4:01
14. Relief 3:31

Total Time: 44:50

Jerzy Bawoł, accordion
Tomasz Kukurba, viola and voice
Tomasz Lato, double bass

All tracks written and arranged by Jerzy Bawoł, Tomasz Kukurba, Tomasz Lato, and Dariusz Grela; published by ORIENTE Musik.

Except track 10: „Die Moritat vom Mackie Messer“ from „Die Dreigroschenoper“ by Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht, © Copyright 1928 by UNIVERSAL EDITION A.G., Wien

Trio arrangement by Jerzy Bawol, Tomasz Kukurba und Tomasz Lato

© Copyright 2015 by UNIVERSAL EDITION A.G:, Wien

Produced by Kroke & Dariusz Grela.
Recorded and mixed by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio Cracow.

Release date: October 16th, 2015

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