José Colángelo: Duende Y Misterio RIENCD07

Tangos y Milongas de Buenos Aires.

José Leonardo Colángelo, born in Buenos Aires, "bien porteño", started his piano studies as a child and worked as a professional piano player from the age of 16 on.

With orchestras like those of Juan de Dios Filiberto and Alfredo Gobbi, he made his debut on Argentine radio, a medium of tremendous importance for the dissemination of the Tango.

In 1962 Colángelo played as a member of the orchestra of Leopoldo Federico with singer Julio Sosa.
In November 1968 Anibal Troilo, the grandseigneur of the bandoneon, asked Colángelo to join his "Cuarteto Pichuco". For the next seven years, until Troilo's death, Colángelo had the honour to work with him as his piano player.

While playing with Troilo, Colángelo founded his "Cuarteto Colángelo" and made his first recordings, released in Latin America and Japan.
In the 80's he worked as artistic director for several music clubs in Buenos Aires and toured Europe, Israel and Latin America with singer Susana Rinaldi as her musical director. Next he left Argentina for concert tours with his own „Cuarteto Colángelo“ through Mexico, Brazil and Peru.
During a period of stagnation in its home country, the Argentine Tango is celebrating its unprecedented success in Japan with artists like Colángelo. In October ‘85 he was invited to a festival in Tokyo for the first time. In the following years he worked mainly in Japan, where he toured extensively, organised Tango-Shows and released six CDs.
But there is always time enough to perform "back home" in Buenos Aires - at clubs like "El Viejo Almacén", "Caño 14" and "Michelangelo".
José Colángelo is one of the few remaining band leaders to keep alive the classic tangos and milongas from the Golden Era of the 40's.


  1. SENTIMENTO GAUCHO (F. Canaro/R. Caruso) Tango 3:06
  2. INSPIRACION (P. Paulos/L. Rubinstein) Tango 3:21


  3. LA PUÑALADA (P.Castellanos) Milonga 1:43


  4. DUENDE Y MISTERIO (José Colángelo) Tango 4:20
  5. GRISETA (E. P.Delfino/J. G. Castillo) Tango 3:02
  6. PAYADORA (J. Plaza) Milonga (live) 3:16
  7. TODOS LOS SUEÑOS (José Colángelo) Tango 4:01
  8. LA CACHILA (E. Arolas) Tango (live) 4:18
  9. FORTIN CERO (José Colángelo/E. Baffa) Milonga 3:01
  10. FELICIDADES, PRINCIPE (José Colángelo) Tango 2:59
  11. CONTRABAJEANDO (A. Piazzolla) Tango (live) 4:19
  12. TAQUITO MILITAR (M. Mores) Milonga 1:24
  13. CANARO EN PARIS (A. Scarpino/J. Caldarella) Tango 2:19
  14. QUEJAS DE BANDONEON (J. de Dios Filiberto) Tango 2:39
  15. LA CUMPARSITA (G. M. Rodrigues) Tango 4:14


  16. NOCTURNA (J. Plaza) Milonga (live) 3:26
  17. LA TRAMPERA (A. Troilo) Milonga (live) 5:12

Total time 57:23

José Colángelo y su orquesta

Recorded January 1986, August 1987 and June 1989 in Buenos Aires

Date of release: 10.06.1997

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