Double CD, Vol. 1 & 2

"For eleven years I worked with the Osvaldo's orchestra, my life was one with his and his style was a like a second skin - a skin that, like Color Tango, will always be a part of me..."
Roberto Álvarez

The history of this CD began with our tour of Italy, where, after 5 years work, we did more than 100 performances. Our Italian organizers, Marco Castellani and Mariachiara Michelli, showed a great deal of interest in "Escuela Decareana" and particularly for the work of that incomparable master Osvaldo Pugliese.
This is why we stuck to what we knew while we were preparing the "Nueva Compañia Tangueros" shows. It also lead us to search out the original version of the Tango: among the very first sounds to inspire dancing feet.
That's why we were inspired to work on the original arrangements of Osvaldo Pugliese's orchestra, interpreting them with our hearts, our souls and all our faculties.
On account of the enormously positive response that we got to during the first years of our work, we decided to record all the material. This recording is thus Color Tango's homage to all dancers.
With affection, The Color Tango Orchestra

1. Gallo Ciego Tango (A.Bardi) 3:30
2. Malandraca Tango (O.Pugliese) 2:57
3. Pata Ancha Tango (M.de Marco) 3:21
4. Bordoneo Y 900 Tango/Milonga (O.Ruggiero) 3:06
5. Ilusion De Mi Vida Vals (F.Brunelli) 2:57
6. Festejando Tango (H.Stamponi) 3:00
7. Nonino Tango (A.Piazzolla) 3:29
8. La Cachila Tango (E.Arolas) 2:38
9. Negracha Tango (O.Pugliese) 2:42
10. El Andariego Tango (A.Gobbi) 3:23
11. Zum Tango (A.Piazzolla) 3:17
12. Tremolina Milonga (O.Ruggiero) 2:45
13. La Payanca Tango (A.Berto) 2:51
14. Morena Milonga (J.Plaza) 2:39
15. Nostalgico Tango (O.Ruggiero) 3:33
16. Locura Tanguera Tango (O.Ruggiero) 3:33
17. La Yumba Tango (O.Pugliese) 2:50

Total Time 53:22

1. La Mariposa Tango (P.Maffia/C.Flores) 3:44
2. Malena Tango (L.Demare/H.Manzi) 3:25
3. A Evaristo Carriego Tango (E.Rovira) 3:58
4. Nochero Soy Tango (O.Herrero) 3:47
5. Emancipacion Tango (Bebilaqua) 3:32
6. Dominguera Milonga (J.Plaza) 2:45
7. Recuerdo Tango (O.Pugliese) 3:11
8. Chique Tango (E.Brignolo) 3:29
9. Malajunta Tango (J.de Caro) 3:22
10. Milonga De Mis Amores Milonga (P.Laurenz) 2:23
11. Pilo Tango (R.Álvarez) 3:42
12. El Picaflor Tango (J.Dragone) 3:01
13. Buen Amigo Tango (J.de Caro) 3:11
14. El Monito Tango (J.de Caro) 2:25
15. La Luciernaga Milonga (J.Dames) 2:13
16. El Arriero Zamba (A.Yupanqui) 3:22
17. Pavadita Tango (A.Aieta) 3:00

Total Time 54:45



Recorded at Estudio 24, Buenos Aires, by Roberto Aldonis
except 1/17, recorded live in Japan

Produced by Color Tango



Roberto Alvarez, primer bandoneón y direccion musical

Horacio Romo/Luciano Jungman, bandoneón

Pablo Agri/Gustavo Mulé/Oscar Caffieri, violín

Diego Lerendegui, violín y viola

Amalia Goldberg/Cristian Zarate, piano

Gustavo Hunt, teclado

Amilcar Tolosa, contrabajo

Release Date 1.3.2001

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