So much is spoken of what touches the Heart, The Soul, the Mind. So much is spoken of the Word. And yet so much experience is from a different place, the place of the viscera, the kishkes. Hence, here they are: Tales From the Kishkes.

Merlin Shepherd, acclaimed player, teacher and interpreter of traditional East European Klezmer Clarinet style, features the former Soviet Union Klezmer All Stars or, in his own words, some of the greatest klezmer players in the world today. Go and hear for yourself! One has hardly heard before Klezmer played with such passion, such authority, such pleasure and such a lack of attitude. Jewish Music directly from the heart, the soul and, not to forget, from the kishkes. Jewish music that comes closer to one of the many ways that it may or probably may not have sounded so long ago.

01. the tongue 02:00
02. aesophagus 01:28
03. never enough cilantro, my dear 01:56
04. lawless, winged and unconfined 05:23
05. gorgeous 05:29
06. pass the kasha 05:41
07. in the half light of dusk 02:30
08. hopefulness 05:03
09. a single grain of sand 03:10
10. brand new 05:09
11. a game played by commoners 05:35
12. ode to favouritism and corruption 01:49
13. coins of silver 03:51
14. one note sirba 02:31
15. intimate hopes and terrors 05:35

Total Time: 57:54


All tracks written and arranged by Merlin Shepherd

The Merlin Shepherd Kapelye feat. the former Soviet Union Klezmer Allstars:
Merlin Shepherd (Brighton) - Stas Rayko (Kharkov/Hamburg) - Mark Kovnatsky (Moscow/Hamburg) - Alexey Rozov (Moscow) - Mitya Khramtsov (St. Petersburg) - Vladimir Goykhman (Chisinau) - Natalya Kasyanchik (Vinnitsa) - Yury Khainson (Kharkov) - Polina Shepherd (Brighton) - Artem Kolenchiuk (Kharkov) - Eugeny Lizin (St. Petersburg)

Produced by Merlin Shepherd
Recorded 18/19 August 2005 at "From Dawn Till Dusk", Kiev, engineered by Vladimir Grigorovitch with assistance from Anton Semikopenko.
Mastered by Al Scott at Metway, Brighton 7+10 July 2006

Release date: October 16th, 2006

Cover painting "Jonah" and art work by Richard Kenigsman www.kenigsman.com

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