Finally in the audiophile Vinyl version:

the triumphant Kroke CDThe Sounds Of The Vanishing World, awarded with the German Phonogram Critics Award in 2000, as a 180 grs audiophile LP.

For prelistening tracks look at the CD version.



Side A:
1. Time (Tomasz Lato) 6:10
2. Love - Lullaby for Kamila (Jerzy Bawol) 3:04
3. Fire (Tomasz Kukurba) 6:01
4. The Sounds of the Vanishing World (Kroke/Dariusz Grela) 4:21

Total time side A 19:36

Side B:
1. Dance (Jerzy Bawol) 6:09
2. Question - Bublitschki (Trad., arr. Tomasz Lato) 0:43
3. Water (Kroke) 12:01

Total time side B 18:56



Produced by Kroke

Recording, Mixing & Digital Mastering by Dariusz Grela at Grelcom Studio, Krakau PL
Analog Mastering by Thorsten Scheffner at Organic Music, Obing DE

(c) 1999 Oriente Musik


CD released 1999, LP released 2010



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