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Ross Daly, the composer and multi-instrumentalist of Irish descent living in Greece, is appreciated as a creator of his own musical universe. Influenced and inspired by the modal music traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Orient, he leads his audience both in concerts and on his CDs to magic musical voyages.

As you will find new CD releases by Ross Daly only sporadically, we’re glad to still being able to offer remainders of his 90ies ORIENTE releases.




This recording is a compilation of Ross Daly's "classic", i.e. most interesting and inspiring compositions. Here it is possible to see both the wide variety of influences present as well as this underlying continuity and coherence which unites them, a key characteristic of Ross Daly's music.



1. Improvisation with Rababa & Sarangi (9.50)



4. Thalassa Mavri (BLACK SEA) (15.27)

5. Pentozalis (10.15)

6. To Oniro Tis Iokastis (Iokasti'S DREAM) (18.20)

Total time: 67:26

All pieces composed by Ross Daly except for the final fast section of "Pentozalis" which belongs to the musical tradition of Crete

Produced by Ross Daly



AN-KI  (1995) with Djamshid Chemirani

12.99 EUR

This recording is a kind of family reunion, gathering together music and instruments that actually belong to the same family but which were separated a long time ago. This in itself is an achievement, perhaps even a political achievement, but the record is more than this.

An-Ki, ranging from unique interpretations of traditional melodies to original compositions, takes risks. Having brought these instruments and musicians together it blends them in unexpected ways. It turns a folk tune into something quite new. Original compositions sound as comfortable and as right as old folk tunes - except that this is the first time we have ever heard this folk music. An-Ki is traditional and radical - a new whole, and a work of art.



1. MARMARYGI (Daly) 15:21

2. AL TAÏR (Daly)   9:30

3.a. LENIO


   c. BAM (trad. arr. Daly)   17:37

4. PERVANE (trad. arr. Daly)   12:51


Total time: 67:26

Produced by Ross Daly



AN-KI in the language of the Sumerians means HEAVEN-EARTH

Elefthero Simio (2CD) (1996)

17.99 EUR

Ross Daly continues his musical progress with an album that reaffirm his position at the forefront of developments in Near and Middle Eastern music. Not only does he, culturally speaking, cover a vast area geographically; this record also reflect his detailed knowledge of the music of specific regions within this area. Elefthero Simio does reflect a different side to Daly’s imagination. Here the longer compositions allow for a greater diversity of material as well as for extended improvisation. The attention to detail that has gone into the overall sound is quite astounding, as is the virtuosity with which different elements of Daly's musical world have been juxtaposed.


CD 1

1. Anadromi (Recollections)   20:42

2. MIROLOI (Lament)   8:00

3. Tortoise At The Bottom Of The World Teach Me To Move Slowly (from a poem by David Heller)   11:40

4. KANBADRI ALEK (influenced by the traditional music of Sudan)   25:10

total playing time 65:52


CD 2


2. ISHTAR   24.57

total playing time 46:19


All tracks composed by Ross Daly


Produced by Ross Daly


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