Emma Goldman once said, “If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution.”

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird's new album, “Lost Causes”, insists that we can do both.

Since 2005, Berlin/New York-based Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird have become an international cult phenomenon that defies easy categorization. Yiddish Punk Cabaret? Eastern Borderland Folk-Rock? Alienation Klezmer?
On “Lost Causes”, their third album, Kahn mixes superb original songs such as “Sunday After The War,” “Görlitzer Park,” and “Klezmer Bund,” with his radical adaptations of Yiddish and German classics from masters such as Gebirtig (“March of the Jobless Corps,” “Avreml the Filcher”) and Brecht (“Denn Wovon Lebt Der Mensch?”). He sings of unemployment, war, resistance, love amongst ruins with a sense of urgency, relevance, heart, and dark humor. Daniel Kahn on vocals and accordion, Jake Shulman-Ment on fiddle, Michael Winograd on clarinet, Dan Blacksberg on trombone, Paul Brody on trumpet, Hampus Melin on drums, Michael Tuttle on bass, and Vanya Zhuk on guitar are joined by many legendary guests including Michael Alpert, Adrienne Cooper, and Lorin Sklamberg. Rocking, tender, political, poetic, and furious, these “Lost Causes” are only waiting to be found and fought for. Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird have proven that the revolution can dance.


1. Avreml the filcher / Avreml der Marvikher (Mordechai Gebirtig / Daniel Kahn) 5:27

2. Vemen veln mir dinen? (Moshe Beregovski / Michael Alpert) 1:18
3. Sunday after the war (Daniel Kahn) 5:47
4. March of the jobless corps / Arbetslozer Marsh (Mordechai Gebirtig / Daniel Kahn) 3:48
5. In Kamf (Trad. / David Edelstadt / Daniel Kahn) 2:22
6. Vi Azoy? (Michael Winograd / Avrom Sutzkever / Daniel Kahn) 4:46
7. Inner Emigration (Daniel Kahn) 6:04
8. Denn wovon lebt der Mensch? (Bertolt Brecht / Kurt Weill / Daniel Kahn) 3:53
9. Lili Marleyn, fartaytsht (Norbert Schultze / Hans Leip / Daniel Kahn) 3:15
10. Görlitzer Park (Daniel Kahn) 4:39

11. Zeyde Cohen (Medley) (Trad. / Mordechai Gebirtig / Daniel Kahn) 3:55
12. Klezmer Bund (Vanya Zhuk / Psoy Korolenko / Daniel Kahn) 3:53
13. A Miller's Tears (Mark Warshawski / Daniel Kahn) 4:22

Total time: 53:29

THE LOST CAUSE KAPELYE [which is also The Painted Bird]

Daniel Kahn: Voice, Accordion, Piano, Guitars, Ukulele, Junk Percussion, Banjo, Bass Drum, Harmonica, Lili Marleen Music Box, Toy Piano

Hampus Melin: Drums, Poyk, Junk Percussion

Michael Tuttle: Contrabass

Jake Shulman-Ment: Fiddle, Voice [Klezmer Bund, Arbetsloz]

Michael Winograd: Clarinets, Piano [Inner Emigration], Horn Arrangements

Dan Blacksberg: Trombone, Horn Arrangements

Paul Brody: Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Vanya Zhuk: Guitar-In Kamf, Arbetsloz, Koyen, voice[Klezmer Bund,In Kamf]

Tine Kindermann: Musical Saw & Voice [Lili Marleen]



Michael Alpert: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Arbetsloz, Sunday, Vemen]

Psoy Korolenko: Voice [Klezmer Bund]

Sarah Gordon: Voice [Klezmer Bund, A Miller's Tears]

Sasha Lurje: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Avreml, Arbetsloz]

Dina Gidon: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Avreml, Arbetsloz]

Lyuba Ponkina: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Avreml, Sunday]

Adrienne Cooper: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Arbetsloz, Sunday]

Lorin Sklamberg: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Sunday, Vemen]

Benjy Fox-Rosen: Voice [Klezmer Bund, Arbetsloz, Sunday, Vemen]

Geoff 8erner: Voice [Klezmer Bund]

and the venerable Pete Sokolow: Voice [Klezmer Bund]


Produced by Colin Bass

Recorded February 1-12, 2010, DerART Studio, Berlin-Marzahn, by Reiner Lehmann

Mixing & additional overdubs by Colin Bass at Kartini Studios, Berlin

Mastering by Andreas Balaskas at Masterlab Studios, Berlin

Additional vocal recording at Wombat Studios, Brooklyn NY, 5/10, by Ross Bonnadonna

Additional editing by Jens Tröndle at fünfton Studio, Berlin-Schöneberg

Produced with the generous support of the Berlin Kulturverwaltung


Release date December 1, 2010

Format: 6 page digipack with 20 page Booklet containing all lyrics

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