In their debut album as a duo, stars of the Yiddish and klezmer musical world Sveta Kundish & Patrick Farrell present a triptych dedicated to three brilliant Yiddish poets: Rivka Basman Ben-Hayim, Celia Dropkin, and Avrom Reyzen.

“Nem mayn vort” is a hypnotically beautiful collection of original songs based on the profound and eloquent poetry of these three master Yiddish writers. Recorded in three different cities (Washington D.C., Vienna, and Berlin) with three different instrumentations, the album is composed of three suites of four songs each, subtly and powerfully interpreted on voice and accordion by these two luminaries of Yiddish music along with their chosen guests.

The result is a thoroughly contemporary and wholly unique set of music which ranges in style from Art Song to folk-influenced rhythms and harmonies, from Free-Jazz colors to achingly beautiful, stirring melodies.

Kundish & Farrell are bringing an entirely new perspective to the world of Yiddish music with their fierce focus on both text and musical composition, their equal dedication to traditional and contemporary musical practice, and their rare virtuosity as performers. “Nem mayn vort” is a remarkable document of their artistry.



     from the poetry of Rivka Basman Ben-Hayim:
1. A nesiye (A Journey)   04:09

2. Ver hot gezen (Who Has Seen)   03:59
3. Un vider (And Again)   02:59
4. Tsu a fraynd (To a Friend)   04:21

     from the poetry of Celia Dropkin:
5. A vig lid (A Lullaby)   03:15
6. Ikh vel kushn di erd (I Will Kiss the Ground) 03:16
7. Mayn gast (My Guest)   04:03
8. Zing ikh tsu dir (I Sing You)   04:32

     from the poetry of Avrom Reyzen:
9. In same mit… (In the Very Center…)   02:32
10. Kol zman (As Long As)   04:16
11. Ikh un di velt (The World and I)   05:04
12. Di friling-zun (The Spring Sun)   07:30
Gesamtspielzeit: 50:00

Music composed by Patrick Farrell.

Produced by Patrick Farrell.
Recorded and mixed in Maryland, Wien und Berlin.
Mastered by Doug Henderson @ micro-moose-berlin.

Artwork von Elio Bloy

Released August 1st, 2022



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