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The Duo Ergün Aktoprak and Jürgen Dahmen are presenting their new music project under the album title “Terra Anatolia”. As a singer and as a pianist, they set out into the musical expanses of Anatolia to track down traditional sources of bard and folk music.

Inspired by the wealth of traditional songs and poetry, a diverse section of this musical culture was created, capturing moods from melancholy to mystical. The melodies and rhythms retain their authentic character and flow into detailed arrangements. The Turkish singing harmonises with a virtuoso piano accompaniment, which allows stylistic cross-border influences.

The two musicians planned for the album “Terra Anatolia” years ago. parallel to their current, own and joint world music projects, the idea arose of the traditionally rooted music of Anatolia, deliberately reduced to singing and piano to reinterpret beyond folk music clichés. It was a special artistic attraction to capture the musical aesthetics and the changing emotions of the songs in this combination. The selected pieces with their regionally typical scales or crooked rhythms come from different directions in Anatolia.

The album has only been released digitally. Please use the relevant portals and platforms for download and streaming.

01 Ayıplarım gönül seni 2:33
02 Böyle ikrar ilen 4:23
03 Çift Jandarma 3:16
04 Odam kireçtir benim 4:00
05 Sin sin halayı 2:09
06 Bana seni gerek 3:55
07 Hekimoğlu 3:16
08 Ben seni sevduğumi 3:14
09 Ne ağlarsın 4:43
10 Dereler akar gider 2:36

Total playing time: 39:07

Ergün Aktoprak, voice
Jürgen Dahmen, piano


Music & lyrics: traditional, except "Bana seni gerek": lyrics Yunus Emre

Arranged by Jürgen Dahmen & Ergün Aktoprak

Produced by Ergün Aktoprak & Jürgen Dahmen

Recorded 2019/20 at Black-Sheep-Studio, Neuss, Germany

Mastering: El Topo / Studio B

Cover/Design: Friederike Näscher


Digital release date: October 01, 2020






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