AM061The Unternationale
The third release from The Unternationale - The Fourth Unternational - dialectical klezmer cabaret feat Polyglot Punk Poet Daniel Kahn and Avant-Bard Psoy Korolenko.

Be ready for a continuation of a dizzying balladic orgy of –isms: Socialism, Zionism, antizionism, chassidism, nationalism, alcoholism and modernism, all in alternating English, Russian and Yiddish.

Seite A
1. Eretz Thuringen 01:36
The Asshole and The Good One 03:06
3. Israel Nothing 02:11
4. Apocalyptic Prophecy (Apokaliptishe Neviyes) 02:59
5. Dead Sea Song 01:58
6. The Jew In You 07:57

Seite B
1. Ekh Lyuli Revisited 04:47
2. Israel Something 02:17
3. Eretz Thuringia 01:36
4. L’Unternationale 06:17

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Daniel Kahn - vocals, accordion, grand piano, ukulele, harmonica, floor tom
Psoy Korolenko - vocals

Produziert von Victor Levin