unternationaleThe first Unternational

Daniel Kahn's and Psoy Korolenko's ideologically terroristic Unternationale has become a classic in modern yiddish song. Old pieces from the yiddish world are being translated into English and Russian, taken to pieces and reassembled in contemporary cultural and political contexts.

The result? A record full of -isms: social-, zion-, antizion-, satan-, modern-, commun-, chassid-, alcohol-. Sung, rapped and shouted. A record that backs up its political messages with one thing foremost: loads of fun. And dancing mood.


1. Sympathy For Whom? (Jagger/Kahn/Korolenko/Ovrutskaya/Oy Division) 5:36
2. Oh You Foolish Little Zionists (trad./Kahn/Korolenko) 2:23

3. Sher (trad.) 2:36

4. Ekh Lyuli Lyuli (trad./Korolenko) 3:44

5. a) I Raise My Hand Up and I Swear (trad./Kahn/Korolenko)

b) The Hope (trad./Herz Imber/Cohen/Goodman) 2:33

6. Beneath the Salt Sea (Ansky/Kahn/Korolenko) 7:46

7. Think! (trad./Kahn/Korolenko) 3:34

8. Nye Zhuritye Khloptsy (trad./Kahn/Korolenko) 3:07

9. The Tinternationale (de Geyter) 0:35

10. The Number (Korolenko) 2:21 (bonus)



Produced by Yaniv Fridel, Assaf Talmudi & Victor Levin

Recorded 2007 in Tel Aviv

© Auris Media


Released in 2008

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